Toshiba 800 w 20 L Microwave Oven

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  • Adjustable Power Levels & Time: This 800 w microwave offers 5 power settings and a manual timer going up to 35 minutes, allowing you to defrost, reheat, and cook according to your unique needs
  • Comfortable Capacity: This 20 L microwave offers good capacity ideal for standard dinner plates, contained within a compact size (Exterior 44 x 32.5 x 25.8cm, Interior 30.6 x 30.4 x 20.6cm (W x D x H))
  • Low-Noise Operation: At 55db when in use, this solo microwave is exceptionally quiet during use, great for new parents who want to let their baby sleep
  • Rotation for Even Cooking: This microwave features a glass turntable plate that rotates when in use, preventing localised overheating and annoying microwave mishaps
  • Timeless Design: With two simple control knobs and a neutral white casing, this microwave offers a neutral, classic design that will fit in nicely with any kitchen's e x isting décor

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