DEAL STACK - Balloon Arch Garland Decorating Strip Kit

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  • Very suitable for making flying balloons on clean ceilings/walls. Very sticky, easy to remove, no traces and careful handling. Put the balloon pillars together, it is very easy to breathe.
  • The ribbon roll is sturdy and durable, will not break, and can be used for a long time; the glue has good adhesiveness and will not fall, because it is removable, so you can use it to paste two balloons or apply it to glass, windows , Walls, pillars and anywhere you like.
  • The balloon bow tie tool helps to tie the balloon easily, faster, and painlessly in the hand. Insert the balloon into the hole on the tape or into the groove on the clip. Just tear off the button film and paste it on the target.
  • Application: These balloon garland kits, balloon arch kits, balloon decoration kits are great for party decoration, birthday, wedding, engagement, marriage proposal, marriage proposal, graduation, holiday and event decoration. With these balloon straps, ribbons, and knotting tools, you can prepare a wonderful party at home or outdoors in just 60 minutes.
  • Prepare the party in an effective way: these balloon garland kits include balloon lashing tools, balloon tools needed as party accessories, quick-making balloon knots, DIY balloon garlands, DIY balloon arches; adhesive wall tape helps to stick balloons to the wall Or on the window. Use balloon ribbons to make balloon bouquets, etc.

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